Not much has happened. The world is just fine. Well, not exactly fine fine; but, you know, the usual level of crappy. That was until these holes started popping up everywhere. They began showing up around fracking sites and then just mushroomed out from there. We weren’t sure what the hell they were. All we could tell was that they were vile pustules of pure evil. Hard to imagine, I know; but it’s true!

The first thing we noticed was the smell, and those holes stank of a most foul odor. Then they began spewing this weird viscous ooze. That, of course, was when things started to get really freaky. Corpses walking around. Bodies just… just… walking around! We were able to fight them off, and no sooner had the skeletons come. Holy crap, the skeletons! Just skinnier zombies if you ask me. But you better watch out for those suckers, they’ll crack your skull with a good solid whack. Then…, I don’t even know what the hell to call those other things. Spirits? Demons? Psychedelic hallucinations brought on by the fumes? But whatever they are, those things will kill you quicker than anything! And don’t even get me started on the rest of the freaky crap that comes crawling out of those filthy, stinking holes.

As an elite member of GATE, it’s your job to contain these things. Some call you a hero. Others call you a mercenary. You? You just call it a job. And someone has to do it, before these things overrun us all. Someone has to clean out those filthy stinking holes!

Your objective is simple: survive. But beyond survival, a successful GATEer needs to thrive, by collecting the most soulbits. You gain soulbits by killing the monsters heading toward you and other players. The monsters in your lane are your first priority; they’re actively moving your way looking for an easy meal.

Do you have what it takes to take out these monsters, or will you become monster take-out?

With barely any time to take a breather and decide on your strategy, the next player turns over a new Action Card to start another round.

After all the Action Cards have been turned over, play continues in the same order. Your objective now is to survive the onslaught and score more soulbits.

Don’t get too comfortable though! If a player next to you dies, monsters in front of their gate will now start moving/attacking you!

The game ends when either all the monsters or all the players are dead.

The player with the most soulbits wins.